He still wants to star

He still wants to star

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Able to dance on the stage, to steal the microphone at a party, to make the clown to entertain the whole class ... your child is without complex! Maybe a little too much? The explanations and advice of our specialist, Simone Korff Sausse, psychologist.

The problem

  • Your child knows how to impose himself and everyone has fun ... up to a point. He is a tiring, intrusive thing and he always needs to play hard.

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. He is so accustomed to pleasing and attracting attention that he can not stand being put in his place so he can place one, or not be the best.
  • You. You are tired of always seeing the world revolve around him, tired of shaking when he takes insane risks to impress the gallery.


There is only for him

  • He is always ready to ride on the tractor in the country, to be clever when taking a picture, to cut you off to tell his story ... but what place does your child leave to others?
  • What has to be done. Be careful to temper him by introducing speech turns at the table or passage for the games and avoid complimenting him for each of his blows. However, do not systematically slow your child in his strides because his strong personality is an asset.
  • What to tell him. "I did not understand what you're saying, I'm talking to Mamie, you'll ask your question afterwards." "It's your little sister's turn to get on the swing, and then you can do it again."

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