He still wants to be in his arms

He still wants to be in his arms

You were very proud to see him rush for his first steps. Since then, instead of gaining insurance, he keeps claiming your arms. Is he lazy or too shy?

The problem

Your toddler knows how to walk but is reluctant to do it. Barely out of his stroller, he already refuses to move forward. The other children are visibly pleased to trot. Yours desperately arms towards you and cries as soon as you put it on the ground.

Who disturbs it?

  • You. To walk is to discover the world, to go to others. By not urging him to do so, you fear that he will become an introverted child.
  • Your child. He is obviously struggling to face the outside world. Elsewhere in your arms, he does not seem quite confident.

He is afraid of losing you

As soon as you are more than fifty centimeters away from him, he panics. To separate from you anguish. When he wants to do something instead of exploring, he asks you to do it for him. You are the intermediary between the world and him.

  • What has to be done. To put him in trust, accompany him in his discoveries: take care not to send him a disturbing image of the outside world. Are you a little reluctant to leave him alone? Secure his space. Install a barrier in front of the staircase, jack covers and anti-shock corners on the furniture, place dangerous products out of reach.
  • If he feels reassuredit will take more distance easily and will not be slow to frolic freely. show him the dangers and help him control the environment.
  • What to tell him. "Do not worry, I'm right next, you can play quietly." "It's fun to walk on this little wall, do not be afraid, I'll hold you."

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