Invite Oscar the chimpanzee in your living room!

Invite Oscar the chimpanzee in your living room!

DisneyNature's latest movie, Chimpanzee, is finally out on DVD and Blu-Ray. The opportunity for your film buff as of 5 years to see (or review) the true story of Oscar, orphaned little monkey, who will be adopted by the leader of the clan. (News of 26/06/13)

Say, what is the story of Chimpanzees?

  • Oscar, the chimpanzee, lives in an equatorial African forest. He is happy. With his mother, Isha, he learns everything: avoid dangers, seek food or ... lice. The leader is Freddy, he is tall and strong. But to survive the whole family must go further, on other lands that belong to other chimpanzees.
  • In a fight with them, Oscar's mom is killed. Without it, it's impossible for the baby monkey to survive, unless you find an adoptive mom or ... a dad. Freddy is here ...

What your child will love

  • Oscar, obviously, so cute with his big velvet eyes! There is no animal more crisp than a baby chimpanzee, so close to the little man ... Oscar is mischievous like him, he is stupid and he is awkward: when Oscar also tries to break the coula nuts: he breaks his tool or slips on his fingers ...
  • His adoptive father, the chef of chimpanzees, he really looks like king kong that one! But it is thanks to him that Oscar will survive.
  • The fights between the two groups of monkeys are quite impressive.

Where the story is boring ...

  • This is a true story: as for the movie Felines before, the team of DisneyNature spotted and filmed for many months this group of chimpanzees in the forest of Taï in Ivory Coast.
  • The plans are remarkable, it is not easy to capture these great brown monkeys in dense vegetation, especially as they can move 10 or 20 kilometers in the day!
  • The story is incredible since indeed Oscar lost his mother and, like many baby monkeys, could have died. The film crew says that they thought the movie was over. But an exceptional phenomenon occurred: the big male, leader of the group, let baby Oscar climb on his back and kept him under his protection.
  • Mark Linfield, one of the filmmakers observes: "It was simply extraordinary and very touching to see this big, usually gruff male, taking care of Oscar with love and devotion."
  • Exceptional images as always with Disneynature, even if we had preferred Felines, really captivating.
  • By A. Fothergill and M. Linfield, 1:18, Disneynature.
  • Its price € 15.99 the DVD and € 20.99 the Blu-Ray.
  • Where to find it?

Agnes Barboux

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