"I'm expecting a child" and "I'm raising my child" by Laurence Pernoud

Discover quickly the 2019 editions of "I'm expecting a child" and "I raise my child" Laurence Pernoud, the reference books on motherhood and the first years of the child.

Two books that answer the 1001 questions parents ask themselves:

  • "I'm waiting for a child" accompanies the future mother throughout her pregnancy. This book informs and reassures her by addressing the concrete changes of her daily life, but also the psychological and emotional transformations. A chapter tells the month by month the development of the baby before birth. Childbirth and many preparations are also clearly exposed. 29,90 €
  • "I raise my child", the early childhood book, deals with sleep, nutrition, cleanliness, progress, early childhood education, etc. The new edition takes into account all topics related to news: blended families, effects of television screens, turbulent children ....30,90 €
  • The inimitable tone of "Pernoud", both serious and warm, the quality of information, the link woven with readers and readers, make these books the essential references of motherhood, childbirth and childhood!

Where to find them?

"I'm waiting for a child"

"I raise my child"