I can not tinker with it

I can not tinker with it

Offsetting the foreskin from birth is not possible for the vast majority of boys. But your toddler is no longer a newborn! Why does his foreskin persist in not sliding?

The problem

12, 18 and soon 24 months, and nothing changes. The foreskin - the skin that covers the tip of the penis - of your little boy does not move. You can not decant it.

Who disturbs

  • You. Admittedly, today, the trend is no longer in the early phase. But you still worry: what if your child had an abnormality?

He has adhesions

Some parts of your baby's foreskin are stuck to the glans. Result: the skin does not slide, which hinders or completely prevents the capping.

  • What has to be done. Preputial adhesions are physiological. Almost all the little boys have them at birth. Over time, they disappear naturally. The erections of your toddler, the fact that it regularly affects his zizi, and later the secretions of the glans (around 8-10 years) contribute to gradually take off the foreskin. At his age, the situation is normal.
  • You can eventually show him how to gently pull on his foreskin to promote the process, but the forced culling, once practiced by pediatricians, is now less and less recommended. Painful for the child, its usefulness is questioned.
  • Adhesions do not promote infections but protect the glans from external germs. And if you see white secretions under the foreskin, do not rush to emergencies! Smegma is a kind of natural lubricant that is not worrying.

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