10 tips for traveling with your child

10 tips for traveling with your child

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You are going to fly to discover distant horizons, but you dread a little the duration of the flight. Here are some tips to make sure everything is going well for you and your child.

Before the flight

  • 1 / When traveling with your child, prefer a night flight. You will increase the chances of him sleeping for a good part of the flight. The day before the flight, avoid taking a nap and rely on physical activities so that it is well tired!
  • 2 / Before the flight, download some games for children on your mobile or on your tablet to vary the occupations.
  • 3 / Arrive early enough at the airport so that it can move before getting on the plane. If the airport is equipped with a playground, let your treasure go off.
  • 4 / To dedicate this momentous event that is a trip by plane, buy him a present! A book, a coloring book, a soft toy ... Something new that will hold your attention during the flight.
  • 5 / If you have the possibility to reserve your seats, choose the first row which will allow more freedom for your family to move without disturbing the neighbors in front. Another advantage and not least: this row is close to the toilet.

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