Food, homeo, massage: how to protect it from the cold?

Food, homeo, massage: how to protect it from the cold?

Attention, free fall temperatures! How to effectively protect your child from the cold? Homeopathy, herbal medicine, nutrition, massage ... try these 4 natural and effective remedies for a cozy winter.

Cold: the nutrition reflex

The cold and the physical expenditure increase the nutritional needs. So, no question of staying empty stomach.

  • Prepare a snack to regain strength and combat fatigue in the middle of the morning (chocolate cereal bar, dried fruit, fruit juice). Also remember to slip a bottle or bottle of water into your backpack to hydrate your child regularly.
  • At noon and in the evening, a hot meal will allow him to regain strength and warm up. Choose slow sugars and iron-rich foods, which will give it energy and combat fatigue.
  • If you have a lunch break, prepare a red meat with spinach and rice, bolognese spaghetti with vegetable soup as an appetizer or an omelet with wheat and broccoli, for example.
  • If you are outside, favor starchy foods (pasta, potatoes, rice) with a compote for dessert. To fight the cold, you can serve her starchy food twice a day, without fear for her weight.


Slip into your bag an airtight box containing dried fruits (apricot, pineapple, banana), almonds or cashews, an energy snack ideal to overcome the little strokes of the day.

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